Time to Give Back

This is an event that I am very excited and happy to announce to the club.  As a way to give back to our community/nature (and also to have some fun) the club has decided to organize a trip to a local volunteer event.

We would love it if our members could be involved in choosing which event we should participate in as a group. 

Do you know of an existing volunteer organization or event related to conserving our local waterways? 

If so, suggest here on the Facebook thread!  This could be anything from cleaning up a waterway to planting trees for a wildlife refuge.  We'd like to make it something that benefits our natural water resources.  No need to be dive related.

We'd like it to be an event that is already sponsored by an existing organization.  So please brainstorm and post your ideas here!

A couple examples would be:

The officers will gather the ideas posted and pick some that we can then vote on collectively as a group at the February meeting.  This should be a good opportunity to show that our club can make an impact on the local community and also as a chance to get out there and do something different, and to have fun and socialize while we do it. 

And that is not all, the club has also agreed to sponsor an after-party for paid club members.  We'll go out somewhere nearby afterward to have some club-bought appetizers and other goodies!

If all that is too long to read:

  1. Suggest a volunteer effort here on Facebook.
  2. Club members will vote in February at the meeting to choose where to volunteer.
  3. Club will buy you free goodies at a local watering hole afterwards.