This month OSC’s Member Spotlight is shining on Sau Ting Kwan


What made you want to be a diver?:

My interest in it started in my early 20’s, but I never got beyond reading about it because I either couldn’t justify the cost or get off my lazy bum to actually go for it. Then Charlie came along and his enthusiasm was just very catching, plus I got a bit jealous of all the cool things he kept seeing. It also didn’t hurt to know that I’d always have a reliable dive partner when I go out there.

How long have you been diving?

About two years.

What is your level of certification?

Basic Open Water, officially.

How did you hear about Oregon Scuba Club?


What is your favorite dive spot cold water?

Redondo, because I got to see Lumpies. And where I found my first artifact ever: a smart phone.

Warm water?

The Hilma Hooker.

What is the one piece of dive equipment you could not live without?

I have to give the generic response of my regulator.

Tell us your favorite dive story (the one that got away):

I think I was on my 3rd dive in my drysuit and decided to forgo ankle weights, I started doing the floaty feet thing. Charlie casually came over and flipped me around. I’m still trying to find a way to work this story into normal conversations with “I remember that one time when Charlie grabbed me and flipped me right-side up..”

Non-dive related stuff about you (what you do for a living, how big is your family, pets, who is your hero)?

My hero is Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy. He distrust technology and feared the vacuum of space, yet there he was, going boldly where no one has gone before, doing good left and right, healing the sick one day and getting into fist fights the next. And he had an uncanny way of just knowing if someone’s dead – a valuable skill anywhere.

In my normal, everyday life, I enjoy gardening (which I didn’t find out til recently included cleaning bees and chasing cats from garden boxes), baking, Reddit, happy hours, hiking and camping, staring contest with our Betta Fish, learning bits and pieces of Programming, and perusing the “free” section on Craigslist.