Scuba Access For Everyone (S.A.F.E.)

Your Oregon Scuba Club is proud to support local non-profit organizations that engage scuba divers.

SAFE uses SCUBA diving to help people with limited abilities or living with trauma to change their narrative about what is possible. They offer adaptive diving to people on the autism spectrum, people with physical challenges, and people experiencing PTSD.  For many, getting under water is a powerful gateway to healing: it is a space of zero gravity, magic, new competencies, a pain-free zone – and a new understanding of what is possible for them in their lives.

The impact of getting underwater for those with various challenges can be dramatic. And it turns out science also backs this up: there is research that confirms that diving can help with physical disabilities and can significantly mitigate trauma in people with PTSD.

SAFE make these dives possible through the use of trained dive buddies, adaptive equipment, volunteers and their own private pool located in south Hillsboro, Oregon.

How can you support this very worthwhile non-profit?

  1. Volunteer! Opportunities abound for working pool-side duties as well as getting trained as an Adaptive Dive Buddy.
  2. Send them an adaptive diver. Do you know someone that can benefit from a Discover Scuba Experience (DSE)? Do you know any veterans who might find a DSE will help them manage trauma? For some the DSE is the experience; for others, it’s a launch pad into certification and open water diving.
  3. Support SAFE with a financial donation. They are a 100% volunteer start-up organization that relies on community support to purchase equipment, heat their pool, and get adaptive divers into the water. If you are a diver, you know and understand what is magic about SCUBA.  Won’t you please help us take someone with a disability underwater to experience that magic, too? Here are some ways you can help fuel their work:
    • Donate in any amount with a check or electronically on their web site.
    • Consider sponsoring a DSE: they cost approximately $110.00 to sponsor two divers to have the experience.
    • Name them as a beneficiary through Amazon Smile, so that when you purchase items on Amazon, SAFE gets a small donation.
    • Check if your company will match your donation! Many employers will, and it can double your impact.

For more details about this amazing program, please visit :