Facebook is used by club officers to post club activities, news and events. Club members can use the OSC Facebook page to connect with other members with regards to club activities and business. All members are expected to adhere to the posting policies of the Oregon Scuba Club and it's officers.

Facebook Posts:

• We treat all social media postings, blogs, status updates as public

• should be restricted to club matters i.e., meeting times/dates, club dives,
relevant news, posting pictures of club/member trips. Members may use
the club Facebook page to invite other members to join in on dive

• Postings (written, photos or videos) will be family-friendly and feature
positive club news and events or member trips.

• No personal information about our members will be disclosed and
should respect and maintain the privacy of members.

• No statements will be made that are misleading, false or likely to injure a
person’s reputation, must not offend, intimidate, humiliate or bully
another person, must not be misleading, must not be false.

• No statements will be made that might bring our club into disrepute.

• Abusive, discriminatory, intimidating or offensive statements will not be
tolerated. Offending posts will be removed and those responsible will be
blocked from the site pending a review by the OSC Officers.

Commercial Postings/Posters

• Posting of items for sale will be limited to OSC members only.
Commercial sales will not be allowed unless the person/company is a
member of the Oregon Scuba Club with club dues paid in full.
• Exceptions to this policy are: Sponsored Dive Shops, Charter Operators or
other business that we share a link between websites.


Members may face disciplinary action for sending inappropriate electronic communication or posting online content or comments that harass, offend, intimidate or humiliate another member or other persons, as outlined in the Oregon Scuba Club Facebook Posting Policy.

Under certain circumstances, cyber bullying (e.g. bullying that is carried out through an internet service such as email, a chat room, discussion group, instant messaging or website) is a criminal offence that can be reported to the police.

Disciplinary Actions

First Offense: Verbal warning - based on severity of violation.
Second Offense: PERMANENT REMOVAL FROM FACEBOOK with the possibility of removal from the club roster as a member.

Severity will be decided by residing OSC Officers. All decisions may be considered final unless otherwise decided upon by the current residing OSC Officers.

Members that see something they feel should be added or subtracted are welcome email or private message club officers so that the addition or subtraction from this policy can be discussed and decided upon.

This policy in its entirety is subject to change without notice.