Member Spotlight – Stacy Garrett

This month OSC’s Member Spotlight is shining on Stacy Garrett. Stacy is a new member to our club so please welcome her by saying hi the next time you see her at a club meeting or at a club dive/event.

What made you want to be a diver?

I was surrounded by it and one day I just decided that instead of being the person driving the boat I wanted to be in the water.  It changed my life.

How long have you been diving?

Approximately 6 years, I really should know more accurately.

What is your level of certification?

Rescue certification completed, did most of my Dive Master program but then I got a divorce from my instructor and I didn’t have the same desire to have my dive master, so I didn’t pursue it further.

How did you hear about Oregon Scuba Club?

Pat Lynch has been kind enough to keep reminding me of the  meetings and then Jeff Vance just keeps talking about it on Facebook.  Thank you guys!

What is your favorite cold water dive spot?

The Pinnacle in Hood Canal.  I don’t go as often as I would like but I love going on Pac Adventures with Don and doing the Pinnacle. I do love diving in San Diego as well, it is cold but there is so much to see.

What is your favorite warm water dive spot?

It used to be Zihuatanejo, Mexico but I think now it may be Cozumel just because it is so simple to dive there and there is lots to see and photograph.

What is the one piece of dive equipment you could not live without?

Wrist mount dive computer, just so simple to use.

Tell us your favorite dive story (the one that got away):

I was on the Wild Side (West Side I think) of Bonaire last year and we did what I call an adventure dive.  It was totally crazy getting all geared up in the bay (mask, fins etc.) because once the Zodiak got out into the wild water you had to be prepared to get in and there was no messing with gear.  I was scared and excited all at the same time.  I thought the entry was exciting and then I had to get back on the boat.  Crazy and fun all at the same time.

Non-dive related stuff about you (what you do for a living, how big is your family, pets, who is your hero)?

I have the best job in the world which allows me to live a very balanced life.  I am a Senior Account Executive for Southwick Specialty Advertising, we do Marketing and Advertising for a lot of different companies.  I have also been a speaker at DEMA for the last several years talking on subjects like Marketing, Advertising and Customer Service.  I am single and love to dive anywhere and anytime I can but it can be a challenge at times finding a dive buddy I am realizing. It has often been joked about (even as recently as this week by Pat Lynch) that I am on vacation every month.  It isn’t quite that much but I do love to live a very full life and traveling is part of it.  No kids, one rescued cat and no dogs (with all that travel, who has time for a dog).  I have the best friends in the entire world and each one of them is a hero for what they bring to my life.

About the Member Spotlight:

Each month we will host a club member on the Member Spotlight page. Our idea is to get peoples names and faces out there for everyone to get to know each other, and potentially make new friends. We would like to post a picture of our ‘club member of the month’ along with a little bit of information they provide about themselves. This is one more way to make new friends and meet new people.