Member Spotlight – Connie Widtfeldt

This month OSC’s Member Spotlight is shining on Connie Widtfeldt.

Please say hi to Connie Widtfeldt at the next meeting.

What made you want to be a diver?

A co-worker/friend asked me if I’d like to get certified. I’ve always had a passion for the ocean so it was a no brainer.

How long have you been diving?

15 years.

What is your level of certification?

Advanced Open Water.

How did you hear about Oregon Scuba Club?

I’ve been a member since 2000 under the name Tideriders.

What is your favorite dive spot cold water?

Sund Rock but I’m not really doing any cold water anymore. If I did, it would be a boat dive.

Warm water?

Anywhere warm is good. Recently I’ve been diving in the Philippines.

What is the one piece of dive equipment you could not live without?

I’m anxious to try my new fisheye dome for my wide-angle lens. I like wide-angle photography.

Tell us your favorite dive story (the one that got away):

My favorite dive that I’ll remember forever was down 1,200 feet down off the coast of Roatan in a 3 man submarine. The captain built it
from scratch. Scary. We went down at night and tootled around for about 3 hours. Going down we went through thousands of squid heading for the surface. Not really
a dive per say but I’d never have been to Roatan if I weren’t a diver and it is something I’ll never forget. I’d go again in a flash.

Non-dive related stuff about you (what you do for a living, how big is your family, pets, who is your hero)?

I’m retiring in 4 months after 35 years in insurance claims. Can’t believe I’ve survived it. Married to a non-diver, no children. My
children are my 25-year-old macaw named Rosie and we’re on our 3rd Airedale, Cooder.

About the Member Spotlight:

Each month we will host a club member on the Member Spotlight page. Our idea is to get peoples names and faces out there for everyone to get to know each other, and potentially make new friends. We would like to post a picture of our ‘club member of the month’ along with a little bit of information they provide about themselves. This is one more way to make new friends and meet new people.