Last Minute Update, March Guest Speaker WSA President Jim Trask

Unfortunately our featured speaker for March, Rick Stratton, VP of the Washington Scuba Alliance (WSA), had a late work conflict and will be unable to attend.  The good news is, Jim Trask, the PRESIDENT of the WSA will be our speaker instead.

Jim Trask, as President of the Washington Scuba Alliance, has overseen numerous projects throughout Washington State to develop and improve dive sites.  The staircase at Les Davis, Reef Building at Salt Water State Park, and 18 mooring buoy installations (one of which Oregon Scuba Club paid for in 2013) are just a few of the projects Jim and WSA have accomplished over the years.  The WSA is currently working on creating nine new artificial reefs in Washington State as well as working closely with the Department of Natural Resources in their creosote piling removal program and tire reef removal program.

Jim is also a very entertaining speaker you won’t want to miss.  Come hear him this Thursday, March 1, 2018.

Building and Improving Washington State Dive Sites

      When: Thursday, March 1,  at 7pm

Where: Round Table Pizza
10070 Southwest Barbur Boulevard
Portland, OR 97219

As the current President of Washington Scuba Alliance, I strive to move our organization forward into making Washington State a great place to dive and a great place to visit. Having personally worked on several projects in the past, WSA has shown that we are a viable group to promote the sport. Les Davis stairs and the mooring buoy project are now complete. Onward and upward we go. The Artificial Reef Development Program is now the “new” project. We are working closely with a number of state organizations to move forward and create new dive attractions in a number of locations to create new habitat. We will continue to work on conservation projects and hope to get as many divers to join our organization and promote the sport.

I am a master diver. I have been a pilot, skydiver, snow skier, triathlete, marathon runner, archery, fencing, world traveler and sports car racing. I have been married for 43+ years to my high school sweet heart. I have a son, daughter and three grandchildren.