Labor Day 2015 San Juan Trip on Lu Jac’s Quest

Labor Day Weekend turned out to be a great dive weekend. Teamed up with Eugene Dive Club, 10 divers spent 3 days of diving on the Lu Jac out of Anacortes for a total of 8 dives. The weather was cool and mild, and the seas couldn't have been calmer. It was a pleasure to dive off of Phil's boat probably for the last time with Phil as captain. As many of you know, his boat and business are for sale as he winds down his charter service.

On this trip we saw all kinds of rockfish (Black, Canary, Puget Sound, as well as the more common Copper and Quillback). We also saw Grunt Sculpins, Giant Pacific Octopus, Wolf Eel, Basket Stars, Juvenile Yelloweye, nudibranchs including lots of Clown Dorids, Hooded, Yellow Margin Dorids, Leopard Dorids, Dall's Dendronotid, Golden Dirona, White Lined Dirona, Giant Red, walls of White Plumose Anemones, the list goes on... A few of us were both knowingly and unknowingly buzzed by some pretty decent sized sea lions.

We departed from Skyline Marina each morning and headed out to the dive sites. We dove walls of varying depths. Phil did a great job selecting sites with mild currents. Visibility was decent to good on most sites and the water temp was around 49 – 51 degrees for all the sites. We also went as far north as Sucia Island and were able to see Point Roberts as well as the skyline of Vancouver, BC. We also found some Orca whales coming very close to the boat on several occasions.

We dove walls on Shaw Island, San Juan Island, Orcas, Sucia, Strawberry, James Island, and the marina in Anacortes. My personal favorite was The UW research wall. The most life seemed to be here.

See the Facebook album.

Dive Number Day Entry Time Site GPS coordinates
1 Day 1 10:42:00 AM Broken Point (Shaw Island) 48.59549,-122.96720
2 Day 1 12:47:00 PM Univ of Washington Research Wall (San Juan Island) 48.55384,-123.00705
3 Day 1 03:48:00 PM Skyline Wall (Skyline Marina) 48.49036,-122.69300
4 Day 2 10:06:00 AM Point Lawrence (Orcas Island) 48.66162,-122.74283
5 Day 2 12:16:00 PM Ewing Island (Of Sucia Island State Park) 48.76469,-122.87859
6 Day 2 03:06:00 PM Strawberry Island 48.56054,-122.73481
7 Day 3 09:09:00 AM James Island 48.51757,-122.77807
8 Day 3 11:20:00 AM Rosario Wall (Orcas Island) 48.64535,-122.87578