February Club Dive — Hollis Explorer Rebreather Tryout 2/27/16

Bubble Free, Snacks Plenty 

Our next club dive is less than a month away and this one is going to be one of the most unique opportunities for a club dive.  For a discounted rate of $50 per person, Billy Snook from Seven Seas Scuba will take you on a personal guided tour with a Hollis Explorer recreational rebreather unit.

Billy will provide personalized training and instruction on how to safely set up and operate the unit, as well as run you through several skills on the surface and underwater before taking you on a guided underwater tour.  The two main skills to practice are clearing the mask using minimal gas to preserve loop volume in the system and removal and replacement of the bail out valve.

The instruction and tour will be about 2 hours. 

Come see how the fish will react to you with fewer bubbles at Sund Rock on Saturday, Feb. 27th.  This is a great opportunity to tryout a different style of diving. 

Billy Snook is a certified Hollis Explorer Rebreather Instructor and is also active in underwater film production.  

When:  Saturday, Feb. 27th at 8 a.m. (for first session, come a little later if you want to do the 10 a.m. or noon session)

Where:  Sund Rock Marine Preserve

What to Bring:  A snack to share (optional) and your checkbook.  You won't need a regulator, tank, or BC if you want to only do the rebreather trial.  You will need your other gear including weights. 

Don’t forget to stop by Hoodsport ‘N Dive to pay the entrance fee to Sund Rock.  

Hollis Explorer Details:
The Hollis Explorer is a hybrid recreational unit. It is unique in that it only uses Nitrox, which is electronically controlled to achieve an optimal balance of PPO2 and dive time. You will benefit from breathing warm gas, more bottom time and see more sea life as you will blow 80% fewer bubbles than with a traditional open circuit Reg.