April Guest Speaker- JJ Morris

JJ Morris will discuss his adventures and knowledge of the underwater science of archaeology and shipwrecks of the old world, particularly the significance and history of Bermudian shipwrecks.

Underwater Archaeology & Ancient Shipwrecks

When: Thursday, April 5,  at 7pm

Where: Round Table Pizza
10070 Southwest Barbur Boulevard
Portland, OR 97219


JJ Morris has been a diver since 2001, water baby since birth. I have had many adventures in this life and want to share my knowledge with others.

  • Combat Veteran with 16 years’ service in 2 branches
  • PADI certified diver
  • Underwater Archaeologist enthusiast, student, and lover of ancient history
  • Lifelong Martial Artist and teacher

I grew up in the water in some form or another. I have been comfortable in it since I was a child. My love of ancient history, treasure and anything in the water have helped me to develop a passion for seeking more knowledge when it comes to anything aquatic.

My experiences are wide and far from serving in combat since 911 all over Southwest Asia, working in cultures afar and participating in various cultures through intense study. Also, my background in TV/Film has also helped me to appreciate and learn more about diversity and the ability to adapt and overcome.

I believe my ability to fear little has enabled me to experience those things that would otherwise limit me. I am thankful that I have had those experiences and chances to do so. I am also thankful that I have had a Guardian Angel to keep me through many things that I believe I should never had made it through.