September Guest Speaker

Is it safe to dive now?

Every diver asks themselves this question before every dive.  Is the timing of the tide and currents OK for diving?  Come hear Charlie, our past club dive coordinator, talk about how to predict tides and currents so a safe dive can be done.  He is looking forward to sharing some of the apps and other resources he uses to make this determination.                                                                  

When: Thursday, September 6 at 7pm

Where: Round Table Pizza
10070 Southwest Barbur Boulevard
Portland, OR 97219

Charlie has 11 years of active SCUBA diving experience and 6 years of diving experience in the Pacific Northwest.  He has been a member of the Oregon Scuba Club since 2012 serving as dive coordinator from 2015-2016 and as club secretary since 2017.  Charlie was originally certified in 1998 in Guppy Gulch quarry in Delta, Pennsylvania.  He enjoys diving because it is like exploring another planet each time you enter the water.  He also enjoys learning about shipwrecks, maritime history, and doing REEF surveys.